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Best way to grow my work is to join my Patreon. I'll make sure you're really happy if you join. I've been sharing an insane amount of stuff on there at very affordable price. Just send me a message and I'll take care of the rest. Now live:

In October it's Cali-O x (Chem D x Tangie) regs or Red Velvet x Animal Runts fems

In September was Lowbush Blueberries (Blueberry BC3 lemonhoko x Garlic Chem) fems and Blackberry Crush F2s regs.

In August I'm sharing Apex Lava (pictured above). ((Legend OG x Larry OG F8) x Garlic Chem) x Red Velvet s1 reversed

The Legendary Larry used in the Apex OG is the same cut that was all over the OCS. Perfect strain for greenhouses, heavy yields of stacked up colas, and does great on COAs. The Garlic Chem is the same cut that tests at 5.3% terps, tests above 26% THC, and has an incredible resistance to pests and powdered mildew. My Red Velvet cut that I reversed is all over my Instagram. Extreme terpene profile, potency, bag appeal, and yields. Apex Lava is another guaranteed pure insanity seed set that surpasses the vast majority of what's available on the open market. Only on Patreon. Check @privatebreeds on Instagram for more details and pictures.

In July (gone) I'm sharing Garlic Twins which is one of the most commercially viable plant with a huge variety of wildly unique terpene profiles. Absolutely insane seed set.

In June (gone) I shared my most limey regular seed set. Pure insanity lime terps with wicked yields and bag appeal. They finish much quicker than most plants that are this limey. It's Lime Twins #18 x Royal Juicy. You'll easily find extreme chemical lime to dead on pungent candy lime phenos.

Once you subscribe to the Patreon you can send me a message with your address and I'll send you tracking number a few days later if you're interested in the free monthly seeds.

You can see my work @privatebreeds on Instagram.

Email for all inquiries.


Email for all enquiries.

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